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Looking for ways to teach kids to code? Or an engaging robotics project? Inspiring videos to watch together as a family? Scroll down for the latest posts or use the category menu to navigate to specific areas.

Teach Kids Engineering is a site designed to help parents and teachers engage kids in the world of computer programming, electronics, and robotics. Here you will find getting started tutorials, project ideas, and ideas for building your kids interest in engineering.

We hope you enjoy!

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School’s Out For Summer! – Well, Kind Of

This summer I am asking each of the kids to pick one or two things they want to get better at to practice for 30 days. I talked through a few examples to remind them of ways practice has shown huge returns for them already when they dive into something passionately. I am allowing them to choose any summer goals they want. My only condition is that whatever they choose, they must pursue it passionately for 30 days.

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3 Ways to Use your Public Library for STEAM Education

Good news! You don’t have to invest a lot of money or have any prior knowledge to teach your kids engineering. If you live in an area with a good public library, you may have resources available to you that are worth looking into. The public library can be a great way to introduce a concept and get hands on experience with it.

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