Below are links we have found really useful for teaching and for various engineering projects. I will add to this list as we come across new tools or products we recommend.

Code Monster  Great free site to quickly introduce kids to the concept of coding.  Really great resource for coding tutorials.

Khan Academy Computer Programming  Top quality free coding lessons.

Scratch  Good site for kids to write and share their own programs and see code from others.

CS First  Beginner coding lessons using Scratch from Google.  Great library of high quality classes in many categories including CAD design, software development, and web design.

Mindcuber  The amazing Rubik’s cube solving robot. This building instructions and software are free from this site. Mindcuber can be built using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition Set.

LEGO Digital Designer  The kids love this free software from LEGO. They can build new creations with any part in the LEGO library. This is the software we used as the first step in creating these building instructions.

Windows Movie Maker  Free video editing software that is simple to use.

Wavepad Sound Editor  Audio Editing software that is very easy to get started with. We only have experience with the free trial version.