15 Amazing STEM Activities for Kids on Youtube

We love doing STEM projects with our kids and our favorite projects are the ones we create. But sometimes we just want something quick and fun you can do with the kids.

Here are 15 STEM Activities for kids from Youtube that are easy to try at home.

Film Canister Rocket

This is a really fun and simple experiment. I think the hardest part might be finding a film canister these days. If you don’t have a film canister, you can try using a rubber stopper in a soda bottle instead.

Fun with Corn Starch and Water

This one is very simple and the speaker is not required. But it does make it even more fun!

PVA Slime

Only a couple of ingredients are needed to make the perfect slime.

Pepper and Water Experiment

This is a cool experiment that shows the magic of surface tension.

Soap, Milk, and Food Coloring Experiment

Another cool experiment using the surface tension of water.

Supercooled Water

There are many Youtube videos on showing amazing supercooled water experiments. This one is challenging to get working, but is a good opportunity to teach kids about fine tuning an experiment.

Cloud in a Bottle

Fun learning about the relationship between air pressure and temperature.

Imploding Soda Can

Another air pressure temperature experiment with an exciting result.

Freezing Soap Bubbles

Beautiful patterns result from freezing soap bubbles.

Egg in a Bottle

This is a really fun experiment. I think the harder part is getting the egg back out of the bottle!

Liquid Stacking

A great experiment to learn about liquid density.

Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket

I’ve never understood how the old Mentos and Diet Coke trick worked. I think maybe I understand it a little better after watching this video…

3 Penny Battery

Maybe this explains why electricity is so expensive. It probably takes a ton of pennies to keep our house running.

Electrocuting a Pickle

Okay, I don’t think I recommend trying this at home since it looks way too dangerous. But it is educational to watch!

Candle Seesaw

A fun machine kept moving by two flames.


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2 thoughts on “15 Amazing STEM Activities for Kids on Youtube

  • 03/09/2017 at 11:08 PM

    Awesome resources! I will be coming back for science class, when we start our new venture into home-schooling later this year!
    Have you thought about putting some of the posts on your site into a book? I’d love to see it on our site!!!

    • 03/10/2017 at 1:22 PM

      Thanks Danielle! I haven’t thought of compiling post into a book – I think this might be a fun idea to revisit in the future when we have more posts.


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