Our Favorite Rubik’s Cube Videos

As we teach our kids about engineering, one of the most important keys is seeking out inspiration. One of my favorite ways to seek inspiration with the kids before we begin a new project, is to learn about the great things that others have done by watching videos together.

We poured over many Youtube videos and sought out our favorite Rubik’s Cube videos of all. These videos have fueled our family’s inspiration to learn more about speed cubing and gave us the idea for our latest project, a Rubik’s Cube Stop Motion Explosion.

Our 8 Favorite Rubik’s Cube Videos

1) Solving 8 Cubes Underwater

After seeing this, one of my new goals in life is to solve 1 cube underwater. This guy shows amazing calm under the water for such a long time.

2) Jakub Kipa Setting the 3×3 World Record with his Feet

This is amazing. I just say I hope they sanitize these cubes for each contestant. 

3) One Handed World Record Set by Felicks Zemdegs

The crazy thing is this isn’t that much slower than what he does with 2 hands.

4) Marcin Kowalczyk Multi-blindfold World Record

I cannot imagine solving one cube blindfolded, so we were completely in awe watching this guy study and then solve 41 cubes in a row to set the world record. I think he later attempted to break the record again with 50 cubes.

5) Solving 3 Cubes While Juggling

I know there is another popular video going around where a guys does this in 20 seconds. However, I think those cubes were not really mixed up properly and they were all configured the same way. This looks like the real deal.

6) What a Speedcuber Sees when he Solves a Rubik’s Cube

A fascinating look at what speed cubing is like slowed down for the rest of to enjoy.

7) Feliks Zemdegs Breaking the 7×7 Cube World Record

Feliks Zemdegs has held more speed cubing records than anyone else in the world. Here he is calmly breaking the world record for the 7×7 cube.

8) Rubik’s Cube Tetris Stop Motion

You only need to watch the first portion of this video as it eventually branches off into something different.

I hope you enjoyed this list. There are plenty of other great videos out there. Read more about how our family fell in love with cubing and how we first learned about the Rubik’s cube for more great inspiration.


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